About Me

   I am a Renaissance woman. One of those rare dinasoaurs who love to  design and decorate, garden and paint, and write and cook, and sew,  raise chickens, dogs and children and do it all with love, hope, joy and whimsy in the midst of "life" and all that is tumultuous and uncertain.

   My gifts are the ability to commnicate my visions into beautiful spaces and vignettes whether that be in the home, a commercial enterprise, a garden , a tablescape or a small vignette. With education and training as an artist and a interior designer and Master Gardener, God has granted me the chance to do this most of my adult life and make a nice living from it. I also had a dream to have a tea room/antique store/garden center but that hasn't come to fruition yet. Antique dealer yes, owner no.  In the meantime I freelance and volunteer and am in sales in a megastore for a time.
   My family and  I live in Central Texas where the addage is "if it has horns, thorns, stingers or fangs, it's here".
I would like to add it has rivers and trees and the most amazing birds and friendliest folks you would want to be around too. Where faith is something we are proud of , not ashamed of and we count on to get through tough and not so tough times. Where antiques abound and folks come from all over twice a year for Round Top/Warrington to have the time of their lives.

I'm blessed with a husband of forever, two amazing sons, a daughter-in-law and three grandgirls, 4 dogs, 6 chickens, 2 cats and lots of fish in the garden pond. Too much stuff and never enough time to make or do all the things I come up with as an artist or designer, a few good friends and 3 lifetime soul sisters; I am blessed.

   I've learned a lot in the years I've been here on this old world. Please join me as I show some of the wonderful things that make those years and the ones to come full of hope, beauty and fun all in Vintage Style.