Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vintage Decorating in Cali's Nursery

    I brought up some of my favorite vignettes of my grandaughter Cali's nursery. She had no choice in the scheme because of my passion for all things black and cream and white but I loved her nursery. The little tan book with the Victorian lady is a book of Bryant's Poems ( in the left hand corner of the curio shelf). It is one of the only things I inherited physcially is from my Kentucky grandmother. She got it as a prize when she was 8 years old for having  "the most marks in spelling."  The baby doll is a one armed sweetie. I got her at the Alameda Flea and Antique Show in Calif. with two of my soul sisters, Sheri and Joy. They thought I was nuts because she is so "disabled and shabby",:I love her anyway; her face is wonderful.

   Hope you enjoy the look too. Enjoy!

This is her tall bookshelf set in the niche of the room.

The top of the shelf has encyclopedias that spell "CALI"

The light from the window made this overexposed but her music shelf and the vintage Lambchop were two of my favorite shelves on this. I love the old children's readers on the music shelf too.
These baby shoes were given to me by a friend of my son Joshua in Calif. They are over 100 years old, made of black velvet and satin and have every button on them. They were packed in a trunk of family heirlooms for over 50 years. Thank you so much. I love, love, love them!!
This little Shirley Temple doll is falling apart. She sits nicely though. The other doll is composition and the black and cream silk dress is from another doll. The vintage plate with the mirror and crystal are one of the things I sell.

   Her room had a beautiful spindle crib, a changing table, a three tiered pie crust table with baby shoes and a small black spindle rocking chair. Now it is redecorated again and almost completed as the girls Play Room. The tea mural is painted, the bookshelf moved. The girls want more "modern" things as well as vintage and they wanted hot pink in there. is for them. I aquiese to their desires too.  I want some place when they come that they are not so much shuttered away, but have total freedom to go and do whatever they want without boundaries. They love to get dressed up with my vintage hats and their party dresses and have tea parties. Kitchens are BIG things around here so they wanted their own. I'll post their Play Room in the next day or two.

   Kylie in her finery, watering the morning glories. Really. Not even staged. Really. Love the girls!!!


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