Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rising Above Your Circumstances

       The way I decorate is in layers, colors, themes and codes. I love whimsy; that little touch of suprise that makes one look again and try and figure something out or make you smile when you look at it. One of the things I never change in my kitchen eating area is my collection of creamers. My friend Marta who is amazing and has the most imagination in decorating that I have ever seen wondered why I never change it.
    Do you remember that I said every vintage thing tells me a story? Well this collection is one of my "codes".
    Hang in there with me... this is important and I write like I talk..... like a storyteller (My husbands eyes literally GLAZE over when I try to tell him something).
    Do you ever feel like you are special but nobody notices? Do you ever think if you act in a way that shows your talent that somehow you are egocentric? God calls us all to be light. To SHINE and be seen. He gives us gifts to use. That is confidence not arrogance. Would you receive a beautifully wrapped present that someone had chosen so carefully, knowing how much you would love it and waiting for your look of happiness when you opened it; would you then say, "Oh Thank you." and go put it hidden in the top of a closet and shut the door? Well you have gifts and we all need to use them daily. Boldly. With Confidence that they are ours to have and to use and to share.
   This all gets back to my collection of creamers. Do you ,in this homoginized society of "go to the store and buy 1% milk" even KNOW what cream is?? It is from a process of thick, foamy milk straight from the cow.  It was set into a big jar and allowed to separate. There were layers. But it needed time to rest and separate.
The cream, the richest, the "best", rose to the top and was skimmed off to use on berries and shortbread and in coffee and churned into butter.  There was "buttermilk" from the layer just under the cream. Another portion was rich milk to be used and sold for extra money.
What was left was what my mother called  "Blue John"; skim milk that nobody wanted (now we buy it and pay a premium for it.)
   The creamers were for that rich, good , SPECIAL cream for the table. Separated from all of the other and savored.
   The creamers on this shelf remind me that God has separated me from my "old" self. He calls me to rise up everday out of the mundane, the thin whats leftovers and be rich in His word and deeds. To be the special woman using the gifts I have. To do my best in everything I do.
    Each creamer on this shelf was given to me by a different dear friend who knows "the creamer parable". When I look at them every day I'm smiling remembering them. To know they love me and God loves me. To never be afraid to be special and rich and yummy whatever my circumstances are for that day or that season. I can't do it on my own. I need help from His words of encouragement and constant reassurance. From true friends that love me in spite of my self. My struggles are not new but they don't have to define me or you. Rise up.
  Do not hide your light under a bushel and do not live on thin leftovers. Endulge in a little cream on your berries, a little butter on your scone and BE the rich gift to everyone around you that you can rise to be.



  1. Finally. Congrats on your new blog. Thank you for been such a cheerleader. I'm excited for everything that is out there for women to do and excelled at. I know that you are going to become addicted to blogging, i love it. Aside from that it can be such a tool for putting your name out there. I love your writings, I wish we can all express our thoughts like that, you know me, i write like I talk. Beautifully written posts,I know you will have many followers soon. Blessings, Marta.
    PD: The photo of your baby in lady clothes watering the plants...priceless.

  2. are more than "special" to everyone who has the honor of knowing you. You write beautifully...and that will help you be discovered!!!



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