Monday, March 7, 2011

Blowing Kisses to You All and the Do Able Plan

Thank you all of you who are checking out the blog and encouraging me to have niche in the wealth of blogs that are so fabulous out there. If you haven't checked out Marta Ramos in for the love of junk blog you are missing out. This woman is a whirlwind of ideas, passions and wonderful finds. I treasure her as a friend and sister in Christ as well as trading ideas and "stuff". We laugh because she buys something(s) from my sales and I take the money and go spend it at her shop. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but we always ASK if we can have a vignette design before we run gleefully to reproduce it in our homes or shop.
So... KISSES to all of you.

I have a PLAN in place. Just a few weeks now until Round Top/Warrington and the Antique Show of the Season here in Texas. That means Sheri my soul sister in Calif. is coming out. Possibly with her new business partner and friend Michelle. Why do we accelerate with a deadline? Why can't I just do the same amount of work anytime?? I am not really envious of those who I feel are driven by clean. I actually feel sorry for them. I want my house lovely. I want the house clean of course but my magazine shoot days have gone by as have the years and guess what? Nobody cares. If they are friends they will either ignore the mess or pitch in and help clean it up. I can't wait to have Sheri and Michelle help me with my "April Showers Tablescape". I can't do it by myself and I'm going to put it up before they leave. Guess I'd better get Easter's up now!!!

You know working just really gets in the way of my day! And the hired help is a luxury of the past, my DH gave up helping in the yard or house for Lent (even though we are not Catholic) in 1998 unless threatened mightily and even then he is grumpy about it so why bother...., the boys are gone, and Barbara is 3 hours away in Lufkin, Texas. Sometimes a good friend Kim will help with my many garage sales or dig in the yard but like all of us, she has her schedule and life first and foremost. I decided I needed CONSISTANCY and a DO-ABLE PLAN.
So the plan is... THINK SMALL. Do something in ONE HOUR and see what I can get done in that hour. Put on praise music, light the candles and don't stop until that one hour is up. No phone calls. No T.V., no garden or chickens. Just one thing. One area. Not the whole room or garage. Just an hour. Today is believe it or not.... The "Ironing Board". It has become the state collection site for that room. It must be 2' high in things. UGH.
What can you do in an hour that makes a difference? Water dripping on a rock can create a hole. A river running over the earth can make the Grand Canyon so what in one hour, by 7 days, by 4 weeks can we accomplish that we don' t want to tackle as a huge thing??
Comment and let me know and let's encourage each other to see what we accomplish at the end of this month.

In the meantime, check out the decorating, gardening and recipe tab/pages. I finally got a few things uploaded to them.

Love and blown kisses,

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  1. Doing projects in an hour, or doing large projects an hour at a time, sounds like a great idea to save yourself stress.

    My family is setting up a garden this year and I was wondering if buying the Miracle Grow vs the Expert Gardener really makes a difference? We tell customers it doesnt but I know I dont really know and would love to be able to pass that along to them, and my dad.

    Thank You, Jeff


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