Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome to "The Gilded Wren" Texas Vintage Style Postings

Welcome to The Gilded Wren blog. I am so excited to share Inspiration, Decorating, Design, Recipes, Art and Gardens with all of you in the upcoming months.
My German grandmother and my Kentucky grandmother had as much to do with how much I love vintage items as they did teaching me to cook, craft and garden. The timeless traditions and values seem to me to last in this "Throwaway Society" we have now. Whether it is a beautiful antique piece of furniture or hand made pillowcase, a rusty tin oil container or a much loved-falling apart doll, an aged stained book or a china "something", things from the past speak to me with stories to tell and love in all of them. To me they have a beauty that layer upon layer make a house and garden more personal; that say, "This is who we are and how we live." The food we share, the way we decorate speak of who God is in us and invite others to come, sit and relax with us. To slow down from the worry and stress of the "gotta do's" and be friends again.
So... I layer my looks, find beauty in the shabby and not so chic sometimes, combine with color and theme and cook from the recipes handed down to me from years ago. Come share with me recipes, tutorials, hints and decorating styles with Special Flea Market Friday sales of some of my great finds.
Thanks to the artistic genius of Rebecca E. Parsons of and her patience with me, I can finally share the joy of living with Beauty in a Vintage Style!! Thanks Rebecca.

The inspiration for the name is from my love of all birds but especially wrens and doves. I love, love, love the beautiful song of the wren. We have several pair at home here in Central Texas. They not only sing glorious songs, but are the busiest of all the birds I have seen. Always flitting and hunting for the choicest tidbits to eat, the best nesting spots (well maybe they are not the brightest birds when it comes to nesting spots) and resting on the arm of my porch chair or deck wireware plant stand. Maybe gilding one of God's already perfect creatures is a wrong thing. This one already was so she became the inspiration for this site. Want to name her for me? Please... NOT "Goldie".
My friend Barbara, who has an absolute obsession with the looks on faces... mostly Santa Claus faces to be exact... has said this wren looks "mean". Well, wrens have that fold over their eyes so what are you going to do?? Fortunately, Barbara has many other redeeming qualities not which the least is that she is the source for finding of most of my obscure quotes. She has a house in and amongst her library which reminds me of a great English Manor house with a fire, a comfortable chair (hers will never be in chintz, more likely leather), and books upon books to snuggle down with. So I forgive her her opinon of my "mean" wren. Hugs BJ!

The gilded wren in the rose. She does have a Beautiful song!

I will post on New Beginnings this week. There are SO many!!!
Thanks for visiting and come back often.